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Servant of God and Lord Jesus - Book of James Series 2

James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations: Greetings.
[James 1:1]

James brother of Jesus Christ, Savior and Redeemer, considered him as a servant of God and of Lord Jesus Christ. This first verse itself tells about the nature of James and how he considered him when compared to God and Lord Jesus Christ. Let me repeat .. Jesus Christ was the brother of James who wrote the Book of James. Brother of the Lord considering and presenting himself as his servant  When representing a servant does not meant a literal servant (physically) but as nature ... Yes. What is the nature of a servant  They submit themselves completely yo their master. They obey what his/her master commands and will get appreciation and remuneration as and what his mater provides. Servant has to make sure he takes care of the things which his master owns around the place where he works. Master has to glorify his master always and never consider him above or even equal to his master in skills, knowledge or fate. James had considered himself the same as a servant will be towards his master. He even though was the brother of Lord, never considered himself to be in similar level to Lord.

Can we say and be like James in our nature and attitude. We all know who was Lord Jesus and what has he done for us and in which way, and yet if we don't consider him to be master over us, then what do you consider our worth in this world. We by nature consider us above all and that leads us to be arrogant and egotistic in nature. This nature will never bring us any good. 

A servant attitude begins a lot of good nature and behavior in us and one of that is obedience and other is submission. Obedience being the most important of these has to be understood and achieved in our lives. Obedience shows our respect to the master, its helps us have the patience to follow instruction and not make our own. Obedience make people more responsible and aware of the thought that we are not along or cannot go alone. We need to have a person with us who can give us guidance on how to  lead life in the best possible way.

Servant life will help build up a submissive nature in us towards our elders and our masters. If we cannot be submissive and obedient to those who we can see, how then can anyone expect us to be submissive and obedient to the invisible God and Lord Jesus Christ. Planning to  get a servant nature and  working to get that are two different thing. We can plan to have any thing, any nature, but how much is our effort to get it in us. It take a lot to change our nature and to be sure it will not be easy for us to accept that we had been wrong all these time.

We have to practice these two behavior in our life towards our leaders, seniors, parents who had been there all these time to guide and give us instruction. We would have never taken them in that aspect or given them the level that should have been given. But going forward lets start practicing these two and hence accept a servant attitude in us. Once we are confident we are ready to start obeying and showing our submission to God the Father and Lord Jesus Christ.

Pray that God give us the mind, thought and patience to go through this process to change ourselves for good.

Lord is Grace...

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