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Be still and wait patiently for him to act

Be still in the presence of the LORD, and wait patiently for him to act. Don't worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes.
[Psalm 37:7]

Planning is what we do immediately when we are in a problematic situation, we think we can take care of the situation. We think of examples which other would have done in a similar situation to be safe. We don't try to think if that was a good or a wrong way. Since they were safe or successful with their plans and ideas we assume it will work for us also. There are two possibilities that will happen, one we may loose or be unsuccessful and eventually make us go against God and think why is he not helping us. The other option is we may be making ourselves safe by those plans and here we will get an opportunity to boost ourselves and be more confident on us and our ways. Doesn't matter we always want us to be in the safe place, and never give glory to God for his work and support. 

We tend to forget that God is our creator and has all the right to plan for us both for our future and also to take us out of our problems which we make us because of our ways and plans. How do you feel if you had made a good plan for your child and he comes us and tells his plans which he would like to follow and doesn't even care our what you ever had for him/her. How do you feel when they come back failed and blame you for their mistakes and outcome, when you had not done any thing for what they would be in at that moment. We as parents cannot be against our children.

Now lets see our God, he had been there for us every time  actually he is only one with us every time. We consider our friends, family, spouse, children to be with us every time but as we all would have see that there is a limitation for them to be with us. God our father never left us for a second, he always thinks about us and has good plans for us. If we ever try to listen to his plans we would be never to think anything else, because with the plans of God we are only supposed to be prospering and happy. Its when we try to think probably God is busy with others so let me help him by making my own plans. that is where we go away from Gods plans and purpose.

We will be in issues and problem, because these are ways for Devil to make us go away from God, he is the one who encourages us to plan and not to wait for God to do his work. Its Devil who encourages us to go against God, but we people blame if god does not come for our help. If we who make Devil to come and control us and make us go against God. If we as father for our children feel bad when our children go against us and blame us, then can we imagine how much will our heavenly Father feel bad when his creation comes back to him to blame, or don't wait for him to work but instead start our plan and work.

To be happy in life we have to follow God and wait for his plans and work to be initiated in us. We have to have the patience to wait for God to do his work. It may take time based on our faith on him and his work. During these time we may see more of issues, and all those are to make us weak and make our confidence in God go down, but during those time is we are strong  we will see Gods plan in work. 

Let each opportunity in our life be a option for us to see God work in us and not we plan and stop God's work being revealed in and through us.

Lord is Grace...


  1. Awesome , nothing but the whole truth ! Like what I just read , we all blame Jehovah God , when he Loves us , forgives our sin's , but no we don't see that we hurt God ! By blaming him , instead we should kneel thank him each and everyday ! For just by waking up every Morning, and going to bed every night, it's.a blessing!
    We forget to thank God , for Our Savior JesusChrist, paying for our sins, and dying on the Cross for us ! Instead we should thank and Pray to our Heavenly father , Jehovah God in Jesuschrist name ! :) £l, R

    1. This is true thought.. each day is his blessing and grace to us..
      Lord is Grace..