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Be Transformed by the renewing of your mind

Transformed means to change, to have a difference from others. In this verse we can see two option for us to select, one in which we are now and the other is what we can have if we make our mind. One that which we have is of the world, which have its own set of attractions and downfalls... is that we are born into and live in. One that we can have is through our effort and hard work and a mind set for a change to happen in us. One we get by default, that other we choose to obtain. Each has its own set of outcomes, one is instant and the other a little slower to be revealed.

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind
[Romans 12:2]

We with our mind and nature are more attracted to the patters and plans of this world, which tends to make us more attracted to it. This can only lead to temporary happiness and excitement  

We are born carnal (of the senses) and hence we go with anything that can be linked to this nature. We only accept what can be revealed to us.. mostly an immediate revelation is expected. The other aspect of life and nature as highlighted by the verse in context is taking about the renewing of our mind from what we had been in till now and look out for a new life and mind which is based on the life and teaching of the word of God. Life lived in this aspect will help us get happiness which is not temporary or of short time like the worldly, but an everlasting happiness. These are not visible or revealed to us immediately, hence we find it difficult to absorb the fact that these are real. 

Seeing the long term benefits, its better we choose the second option and get our mind renewed to have a changed life, and in return get to know God's good, pleasing and perfect will for us. How to get our mind renewed... its through daily meditation on the word of God. The more we read, hear and meditate, the more we have chance for a quick revelation of God and his works in us. There are many who know Bible by heart, but never understood Bible in its actual sense. Hence when you start meditating start with an aim to understand and not to finish the Bible at the earliest. Meditation on the word of God, will help us see life is a different way, and will help us change our mind and thoughts very different from the patterns of this world.

Lord is Grace...

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