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Perfect, Fully Developed and Lacking in Nothing - Book of James Series 5

But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be [people] perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing.
[James 1:4]

First let me remind you that these texts are not made up from nowhere but verses taken from Gods Word (The Bible). So what is being shared is actually told to us from God either through come prophets or at times directly. The book of James is written by the brother (in earth) of Jesus Christ. Message he is saying is through the revelation he got from God and Christ Lord. so when he is saying that endurance, steadfastness and patience makes us a perfectly and fully developed, lacking in nothing, there should be no doubt on any aspect of this verse or the message conveyed. These three nature or behavior or attitude (endurance, steadfastness and patience) comes as we stand firm on our faith during our trials and temptation. This natures that we will attain as we go through life will make us a complete and perfect individuals.

These three are all interlinked but has their own meaning and scope. Out of these three I believe patience is the most important as to prove our faith on a God who is not visible and his work may not be visible immediately even though he would have finished his work in us. 
Building faith requires a long time based on the patience we have in us to see the miracle done by our God in us. Patience make a man responsible and faithful. It makes him to wait on God and not to jump ahead and make his backup plans. patience is not only link with the spiritual aspect but equally important in our current life also. If we are standing in a queue and we see its taking time for the person in the counter to clear the people, we get impatient and possibly react. If we are waiting on a traffic signal, and the signal does not change soon, or the person in front of us is not driving or giving space, we get impatience. When we loose patience we loose temper and our nature changes. We have to learn to wait. If we learn this we learn life, and how can it be dealt the best. With patience we are sure to build our faith that thing will soon change. Based on the amount of faith and patience we can see the quickness or delay in the revelations of Gods work in our life.

If we can master patience which comes when we prove our faith, we also get the other two results which are endurance and steadfastness. Endurance means staying power or survival. Based on the proving of our faith we build up a set of level of patience, and with each level of life lived through this we learn how to survive in these tough times  If we are hungry we know how to survive... look for a source of food and water. In the same way when we are in the mist of trials we will learn how to survive. Its though proving our faith that God is there and will come or my help. Once we build our faith and with the knowledge of survival and patience level growing, we will show our dedication towards our Father, and our faithfulness in obeying and keeping our trust in him.

Once we start practicing these 3 natures in and through us, we are sure to be people perfectly and fully developed. This means we will be mature in our spiritual life and in our walk with our Lord and Saviour. If we see the word developed in the verse it also says ""with no defects". What is a defect? If we see it in context to the other verses its talking about the way we think, our mindset, our reaction and attitude. Once we have proved our faith we will be people with no defects. All our negative nature, response and attitude will be destroyed. We will be seeing problems and trials as an opportunity to be more strong in our faith and more close to God. As this is achieved we achieve a life where we will no find any defects especially in our nature and behavior.

Finally the verse talks about the most important thing we will achieves if we keep our faithful and sincere walk with God constant.. Its "lacking in nothing". The word nothing means only one thing that is  NOTHING. With theses natures build in us we will have everything (opposite of nothing...) This everything will be across all that we know (in the true sense) including spiritual, health and finance. Across all areas we will see God's abundance and fulfillment  So if we go back to verse 2 of this same book, we can see that trial that it comes from Devil and not God, if we take in the right sense it can help us build faith in God, which will get these natures which eventually get us to a stage where we will have a changed life with abundance and lacking nothing. Let the trials be an opportunity to come closer to God. Proclaim his name every time  and lets pray his grace and mercy may make us string to fight back and be fulfilled. Let this fulfillment be not a stage where we go back but to go ahead and encounter all trials attached to this fullness be overturned with the faith and others natures that we will build up in the times to come.

Lord is Grace...

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