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Wisdom...? Ask and you you will it liberally - Book of James Series 6

Ask and it will be given what a good thought to hear and adopt. If we ask this to anyone around us, we are sure to see a great happiness around them. If this is what we have in mind then let me tell you that there are many in this world who would not be surprised when we ask them this question probably they may not yet react to our question. These kind of people don't believe in receiving what they ask, secondly when we ask they wont be sure if they will get or not. They might take it for granted or probably take us as a person who is out there to make fun. I assume many around us also have a same view about this verse and doubt how can we get anything liberally and without reproaching or faultfinding, just by asking. 

If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving God [Who gives] to everyone liberally and  without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him.
[James 1:5]

There are many who would know this and the meaning about this verse, but still they would not have experienced this verse and its context in their life in its complete sense. All these we see because first we have not understood this verse completely and secondly once we understand we should implement and practice it in our lives.

First we need to see in this verse to who should we be asking, or to whom does this verse says to ask... its God our Father. God the Father created us and all that's around us. God the Father provided us with all these we posses including both that we see (house, property, family, friends) and those that we don't see (Wisdom, health, peace, happiness). Bible says all good things comes from God and we should never take any share of appreciation for any of these. We had never taken God in the way he is to be taken. We just consider him to be a entity far in the heaven, who comes and helps us if we require, and that also based on his wish and approval. These thoughts had made us more hard towards the actual reality of God and how he is actually. God made all these we say through his words. 

He made them all come into existence just by saying. This great and powerful God is the one to who the verse in context says us to ASK. This verse also highlights one of the most important behavior or nature of God the father, which is that he is a "giving God", which is a very simple text with a very simple and clear meaning. God our Father is a giving God, who gives, he never takes from us. Even though all that's around us is from him, he never asks anything back. That not his nature. All that we loose and which we say "God took from us", is actually what we loose because of our nature or decision. We with the kind of mind set which was mentioned earlier will link all the lose that we face to be something where God is involved and hence he is responsible for our loses. The verse in context very clearly says he is a giving God. Bible never talk about this God the Father to be a person who takes back. He gives life and does not take life. He creates and does not destroy. So now I hope the thought around God and who is should be more clear
The next area to be see is our action, which is to ask. Ask God the Father... Verse talks about those of us who are deficient in wisdom to ask God and he will provide. Like another needs in our life, wisdom is one kind of need or necessity that we will need to make decision  and utilize resources around us, to prosper and be a blessing to others. We have our own plans to gain wisdom, but Bible tells us a simple way to get it... "Ask". Its never said we should suffer, work hard, perform some act to make God happy... none of these approaches are required., rather just go and ask God the Father and God will provide us. There is no condition on how and nor rules or criteria to get the result. Its just that simple that we may miss it out when we read this verse. That was what I tried to say in the start.. "Ask and it will be given".

Our great and wonderful God is a giving God which we had seen, but the next section talk about how much can he give, or the measure of giving. We are people who look out for measure of what we get and how can the person giving can give. This is how we judge how good that person can be towards us. This verse says "God gives to everyone liberally and without reproaching or faultfinding", which means there is no limit on how much you receive and this is not given based on what have done, no fault finding or reproaching involved in this. We as human being will look for these criteria when we plan to give out to others. how good they are, have they did anything wrong, do they have a good reputation  is he a loving person. These are the way we see before and probably when we give. This is one reason we don't see result for what we give. Our God is different and hence there should be no comparison made no doubt in how will he react if we ask. Have the faith in him and take hold of the verse and ASK. We will receive it abundantly which is a promise which is highlighted in the Bible verse.

Only thing from our side which I think is to be linked to this is our attitude and response towards God. We have to be humble and receive and then use what we receive acknowledging that this was not our effort but a gift from GOD, and hence has to be only and only used for his name's Glory.

Lord is Grace...

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