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Colors of Life (Kids and Children Ministry)

COLOR mean a lot in our life. We like some colors and few others would get us irritated. Colors also talk a lot about life. How each color gives a message to us without any text or sound attached, is really a great thing. Like everyone else, kids and children like colors and to be more accurate, they like colors more than us. The simplicity through which they see and use it to express their thought makes us go amazed.

We use colors around text and message to make sure we highlight the message correct as we want to the readers. for example a red color can make the message little harsh or important among the other text around it. 

This effort is made to help them know about the love of God and who is God for us in our lives through the color around them. Hope this will be a blessing to many to come to Lord.

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Green is Creation. GOD is the creator. Green is Nature and everything in it.  GOD made them all.
GOD created:

  1. Heaven and earth
  2. Sun, Moon, Stars
  3. Water and Fishes
  4. Animals and Birds
  5. People like you and me.

So GOD created man in his own image. [Genesis 1:27]

Color Black (BLACK = SIN)...... I DID SIN AGAINST GOD… 
Sin came into the world with Satan tempting the first people GOD made. Sin came with our approval.
Devil tempts us through:

  1. What we feel
  2. What we see
  3. What we need
  4. What we speak
  5. How we live

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God [Romans 3:23]

Color White (White = SAVIOUR) ...JESUS CAME TO SAVE ME… Lord Jesus Christ came to save us from our Sins and for that he born as one of us and lived among us.
Lord Jesus Christ:

  1. Son of GOD
  2. Born as Human 
  3. Healed people
  4. Gave life to dead
  5. Told stories

Today your Savior, the Lord Messiah, was born. [Luke 2:11]

Christ Jesus died for us and shed his blood to save us from our sins and help us have a good life.
Jesus Christ died and we got:

  1. Forgivness for our sins
  2. New life for us
  3. Good health for all
  4. Our Personal Saviour

…By his wounds you have been healed [1 Peter 2:24]

Lord our Saviour is now in Heaven waiting for all of us to join him in his world where everyone is happy.
Lord rose and now:

  1. He is our living Lord
  2. He listens and answers
  3. He is always there with us
  4. He want us to love him
  5. He wants us to follow him

The LORD looks from heaven; He sees all the sons of men [Psalm 33:13]

This can be printed out and used in your particular area of ministry. Let us know your feedback to make this a more effective medium to reach kids and children.

Lord is Grace...

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  1. Colors speak a lot, especially with kids. Good article on approaching children...