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Devil is not a creator but can only pervert...

Satan is all famous for creating problems in our lives. The sickness, financial issues, world economy issues, accidents, natural calamities... all the credits goes to Satan. Done we think we are giving a lot of credit to someone who does not deserve. He is good in deception and this is one of his biggest deception to make us know that he is the creator of all wrong around us... The actual fact is not what we had been having in our mind till date. Satan cannot create anything.... instead all what he can do is "pervert" which means alter (something) from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.

Satan can and only can approach us in of the follow three ways... [1 John 2:16]

  1. Lust of the Flesh - Base for this is Flesh
  2. Lust of the Eyes - Base for this are our Eyes
  3. Pride of Life - Base for this is our life, nature and behavior

To help users in understanding the ways of devil, I had also highlighted the base / platform of the ways he uses. If we see it clearly, we can understand that none of the bases / platform he uses is made by him. He cannot make anything, on the contrary he can only use whats there and perverts the same for his ways to reach us. He takes what God had created and perverts it to tempt us and change our view accordingly. Its we who encourage devil in our lives. 

The best example in the Bible which highlights this area proving that he cannot make anything but uses what available, is available in the book of Genesis. This is the story around the creation of the first man (Adam) and woman (Eve) [Genesis 3:1-6]. Eve had gone through all 3 category (ways) in the incident where Devil approaches her.
  1. Lust of the Flesh : she took of its fruit and ate (nothing happened as she had in mind)
  2. Lust of the Eyes : the woman saw that the tree was good
  3. Pride of Life         : your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God
She fell in all the 3 categories, and the result is that they had to leave Eden garden, and with that pain, suffering and death came. So with eve following the temptation and falling to it, they actually lost everything instead of gaining what devil made them feel they will get. If we see our lives, we can map the tough scenarios we face, to any one of the 3 categories, and hence we can assume the result of falling to those temptations. Falling to those will make us feel good for that time, but soon you realize the mistake but at time we are very late to get back what we had lost by then. We have to be very careful in making sure we understand the temptation and take the strength and blessing from God to keep us away from them.

One more example of creation is around Love. love was created by God, but the way we take love in our life and the way love is made know to all of us through various medium around us, makes a very different definition of love. This new definition made around love, slowly becomes what we think it will be, and which leads to us forgetting the actual definition of love. Devil make us see a new package around the original love which was created by God, and present this new package to us as a temptation. We are more attracted to this new packaged presentation rather than the original presentation. If we face any problem in life around love, we tend to either hold God for the problems or give all the credit to devil for creating love in our life. 

We only saw and accepted what was shown to us (lust of flesh and lust of eye) and not the original.One live example is the fruits that we get in market place, especially apples. We go and try to get the best apple which suits our budget. Actually more than budget what we see is how does that apple looks. There had been instances when people had taken fresh and good shining apples home and later when they had that same apple in home, they started having some health problem. The first person we make our target is the one who had grown these apples, and put all blame of how that apple was cultivated wrongly causing problems to us. During all these conversation we tend to forget the vendors or middle man who get apples from wholesale farmers and applies some wax or some other option to make it look fresh. They are the actual person around the problem, but we tend to forget any such scenario and directly blame the farmer...

Similar is our live where we either directly blame God for our problem or put it all on devil to make us safe from our mistakes. Lets start seeing the cause of the problems with a mindset that Good come from god and bad from devil and that devil cannot make anything but can only taken what available and pervert it to tempt us.

Lord is Grace...

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