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O simple ones... repent and listen to the warnings

Simple Ones... Book of Proverbs is talking about the lives of the people who are simple... or people who are very open to be trapped by the devil to their lives. These people love to be simple and be always in the range of attack and temptation from devil. This verse also talks about scoffers (someone who eats food rapidly and greedily), who delight in scoffing, and also about fools (self-confident) who hate knowledge and never accept the fact that there is something that they can learn. The 3 scenarios which had been highlighted in this verse are not considered as a sin by many but are actually routes to reach similar sinful and evil life. Like it’s said that anything in excess is not good, same way this habit in excess creates the issue. Let’s see these 3 quickly with real life incidents and examples.

How long, O simple ones [open to evil], will you love being simple? And the scoffers delight in scoffing and [self-confident] fools hate knowledge? If you will turn (repent) and give heed to my reproof, behold, I will pour out my spirit upon you, I will make my words known to you.
[Proverbs 1:22-23]

Being simple is good as it will highlight our humility and politeness, our response will be much planned with a safe and comfortable approach. But sometimes being simple in nature and approach will attract devil to attack us and such people will get hurt soon, and may get tensed seeing the situation around them. They consider them simple may because of the nature they had born in or because of the situation they lived their live. Being simple is good, but still we should have the power and strength that we need to take care of us and to know what can affect us and how to tackle them. We by our power cannot face these, but with the power of God, we even if being simple can yet be a powerful entity.

Scoffing is a bad manner and not a one liked by many, except to those who love this nature. Food is good for health, but over excess can only create health issues, which will lead to financial expenses to maintain our health, and then getting some others problems attached.  There are many who live to eat, for them food is a craze, later they become crazy for others. Why lead a life where we give importance to food and not to the one who make it available to us. If we see people who are dying daily due to food shortage, or they are far from the reach of good food, we with such habits should realize how much can the food that we fill in excess can, if saved, be a life giving option. We should eat to live and care for our health. If we can take up the money that we plan to waste on our greed for food, and instead donate that to others who need that for their life, we cannot realize or imagine how much blessing we will get back. Being confident is good, and being over confident is problematic, but above all these is self-confident., which is the worst of the nature which we can ever have. Self when given importance can lead only to us being separated from others including our families and above all God the father. When we are confident of us, we tend to see others or take others for granted including God.

All these natures will only lead us to destruction and a pain for others around us. In this verse we see the message where the problematic area is highlighted along with the solution to come up to a safe place. How often do you see the problems highlighted with the instant solution? So what is the solution which will help us come out of the issues we will fall because of our nature? Its repentance and listening to the warnings from God. Many times we see warnings as a option from God to stop us from progressing, and hence we tend to take all effort to ignore and go ahead with our plans. It may be very late to come back from where we reach. Repentance and alertness to the warning from our God are very important. Accept that we have having these nature and behavior which made us self-confident, greedy, selfish and that we had taken God and his works for granted. Repent with full heart and faith and soon we see god blessing us with his spirit and we get to know the way life to be lived with God close to us.

Lord is Grace...

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