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My God My Rock, will transform our lives

Rock... is referred to when we speak of mountains, strong personality, stable and unbreakable element. House build on rock are stronger, which can withstand any nature. As the psalmist says, Praise to my Rock. How is this rock? This is clearer if we see the initial word of this verse, which talks about Lord. Lord God, creator of the nature and all that is in it, is the one who is being referred to as the Rock.

The LORD lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be my God, the Rock, my Savior
2 Samuel 22:47

If we see our lives we tend to make our flesh or something motivated by flesh our stronghold, our base. It’s not surprising to see the result if we look back. Life based on our mature and confidence is sure to fall down soon. Very similar to a house build on sand or water. It won’t last long, but soon either decay or fall. My God, My Rock...

Psalmist is trying to tell us from this verse to make our lives based build around the Rock names Lord. Lord our Savior who came to this world, died for us and gave us the path of salvation, is waiting for us to respond back by accepting him, as our Savior. He is our lives essential aspect part. Along with give us the base he also lets us know how to respond to this base or the foundation which can transform our lives. We are supposed to praise his name. If we count our blessing, which we had received from our Lord (Rock), it’s countless. Our response to all that we have in our lives from Lord should be Praised and Exalted. Let his name be glorified and magnified, and all praise belongs to him and him alone.

Let this be our attitude and response and let’s make this rock the foundation of our life.
My God, My Rock...

Lord is Grace...

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