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1Death came to all men, because all sinned  -  Download File
2How all can Satan tempt us  -  Download File
3Word Becoming Flesh  -  Download File
4Became one among us to show us the way  -  Download File
5Christ if Life... is Light  -  Download File
6Lord is Good to all and he has Good plans for us  -  Download File
7Sacrifice Loosing something precious from us  -  Download File
8Salvation Prayer  -  Download File
9Whatever He says to you, do it  -  Download File
10In Christ, we are a New Creation  -  Download File
11Be still and wait patiently for him to act  -  Download File
12Give your heart to who owns it  -  Download File
13Be Transformed by the renewing of your mind  -  Download File
14Devil is not a creator but a perverter  -  Download File
15Perfect Father... Perfect Son... Perfect Relationship  -  Download File
16Heritage from the Lord  -  Download File