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Give your heart to who owns it

Heart has 2 known aspects, one of it has link to the physical aspect of human body including veins, blood and others physical links to our body parts. The other aspect is the emotions which can be love, depression, happiness, anger, ego, compassion etc... Apart from these 2 know aspect let me also help you know a different aspect of Heart. This is about the link that we make with something apart from us (physically). If we try to see synonyms of the word Heart, we can see the word "Spirit" in that list. Spirit is something which is not visible but yet very important. What I am trying to highlight in this post is the relation of Heart and Spirit. 

My son, give me your heart and let your eyes observe and delight in my ways,
[Proverbs 23:26]

Physical aspect of Heart is in control very easily, but the spiritual aspect of Heart has to be learned to be controlled. When our spirit is linked with someone or something then doesn't matter where it is or will be we will be linked to it always. Some people have their heart (spirit) linked to their job, so what we see for them is that doesn't matter where they will be they will be talking and thinking about their job and its related activities and planning. Unconsciously we will be linked to where our heart (spirit) will be attached. 

Highway of the upright wil avoids evil

The highway of the upright avoids evil...
[Proverbs 16:17]

What is a highway? To us highway is a road that help us travel from cities or states. Basically the highway help us reach from one place to other and that is the main road with much security and facilities than the short side roads. Condition of the roads will be well maintained on a highway. Unless we miss to follow the rules of the highway, there is no chance that we miss the road.

When we go on a highway we tend to have a destination in plan, and in the same way an upright (honest) person when takes a highway with a specific destination to be reached, there are less chance that he will handover to any evil. When we move on a highway, problem may come around us, but what we do is to clear it as soon as possible and be back on our highway to the destination.

Book of Proverbs ... Introduction

In this current world of ours, there is a great need for wisdom and equally important is that to be made available in the proper and convenient way

Lack of wisdom has already been destroying the lives of many young people around us. There seems to be no respect in approaching various stages and phases of life. Marriages, friendship, finance, spiritual life... almost everything is being destroyed, with just one basic reason which is the lack of wisdom.

The book of proverbs is being written by Solomon, son of David, king of Israel. King Solomon was the one Who was granted wisdom by God. there are many famous incidents taken from the life of Solomon which highlights his wisdom and  how God was with him all the time.

There are many today in our time who are wasting both their time and their lives by failing to exercise wisdom in their daily lives.

This effort of mine has been made to make this wisdom interpreted in a simple way and made available to everyone, and with an aim to change the lives of the people who will be accessing these posts.

I pray my effort will be beneficial for many through these posts...

Praise the Lord...