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Do you believe in Miracles?

Miracle as defined in the dictionaries is "A surprising and welcome event that is not understood by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine."

If we recollect the miracles performed by our Lord, those were all beyond the understanding of the people at that time. Nobody will have every expected the plain ordinary water to change to wine, making the crowd of 5000+ with 5 loaf of bread and 2 fish. Nobody will ever believe that someone can walk through water and control nature through his words... All these happened not in a span of time, but it was a immediate. This was done by no one else, but by the Lord who made us and given life into us. This is the same Lord who has provided all that we have now. None of those that we claim to posses is ours, but that provided by him to us.

What Must We Do?

Then they asked him, “What must we do to do the works God requires?” Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”
[John 6: 28-29]

How often have we asked this question with a sincere intention to know it?
"What is the work God requires?" is a question we all should ask with a sincere intention, to make sure we fulfill the plan that our Lord has for us. If we ask a similar question to our superior is a normal secular work environment, we have to be ready to get some set of instruction which is accompanied with rules and deadlines. In end we may feel that it was our mistake and fooloshness to have asked such question. This nature of response makes our heart hard to ask such question in future to anyone. This may stop our ability and capacity and also reduce the expectation of others from us.

Obedience.. How.?

His mother said to the servants, Whatever He says to you, do it.
[John 2:5]

This is in respect to incident of the Wedding at Cana of Galilee. This was the first time Lord Christ performed the miracle. This is a well know passage to all who knows bible and hence does not need a detailed explanation. The reference which i had take for now is the 5th verse.
to give the background, Jesus and his mother and his disciples were invited to a wedding in Cana of Galilee. As the wedding session was going on, wine which was being served to the guests got finished. Mary (mother of Jesus) came to know about this and came to Jesus to help them with this situation. The verse taken is what Mary instructs the servants at the wedding.