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How to approach our Lord? (Part II)

Dictionary meaning of Mercy is: It is an act of kindness, compassion, or favor. So when the blind men said “Have mercy on us” it’s similar to Matthew 20:20 where its John and James mother asked a favor of Jesus. So the approach way was similar to approach made by mother of Zebedee's sons. Now let’s look at the request that was made by these blind men. They said “Lord, we want you to give us our eyesight back”

[KJV]: “They say unto him, Lord, that our eyes may be opened”

There was no selfishness or self-centeredness in this request. This was requested so that these blind men can see and lead life as a normal individual. There was no wrong intention or wrong motives in their request. The initial response of Lord when these disciples and the blind med approached him was, He said “What do you want?” This is what Lord asks us all every time. He is there to give us and that also without any returns. All that he wants is to ask and that also with a good motive .

Love for God is the Beginning of Knowledge

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge..
[Proverbs 1:7]

What is Fear?
The very simple and common interpretation of this verse is that our Lord is very angry if we do wrong, and if we do wrong then he will punish us. So we should fear this Lord. We should live life with this fear always in our mind. A basic and simple question from our normal life... If i ask you to obey and worship me and if you don't, i will harm you and possibly destroy you... What will be your response...there is no doubt that you will look for option to avoid me and possibly never ever even think of meeting or interacting with me. Then how do you expect we human beings to obey and worship our Lord God if we fear him. We as nature only can follow and worship whom we love and who loves us. This is what is meant in this verse under context.

He who belongs to God hears him...

He who belongs to God hears what God says...
[John 8:47 (NIV)]

This is a very interesting verse, and there are two words in this that took my attention which are "belong" and "hear". I needed to know what does these words have in relation, I believe this will help explains the entire meaning of this verse in context.

"Belong"... this is a very simple English which we use very often in our conversation to highlight what is ours, or to whom does a particular thing links to.... for example.. This pen belongs to me.. or That car belongs to James... When we attach the word "belongs" to any object in picture, it gets a particular value based on to who its linked to... Another example which will help understand this word more clearly is..

Teaching is Not My Own

Jesus answered, “My teaching is not my own. It comes from him who sent me.
[John 7:16]

Teaching is a profession which has to be learned, probably the best place we select to study the best we learn. Now a days there are many different techniques and approaches to make teaching more effective and yet interesting. The way a person teaches can be taken the base of where he would have learned what he is teaching. 

There are many who world not have gone to any particular institute but can be the best teachers. This is one kind of blessing or skill that they have received from God. They learn each and every day from their life and experience and this come back on what they teach. When we listen to good teaching wither spiritual or professional, and if touches our heart in some way, we tend to ask the same question which was asked by the Jews when Jesus was teaching in the temple court.