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Book of Proverbs ... Introduction

In this current world of ours, there is a great need for wisdom and equally important is that to be made available in the proper and convenient way

Lack of wisdom has already been destroying the lives of many young people around us. There seems to be no respect in approaching various stages and phases of life. Marriages, friendship, finance, spiritual life... almost everything is being destroyed, with just one basic reason which is the lack of wisdom.

The book of proverbs is being written by Solomon, son of David, king of Israel. King Solomon was the one Who was granted wisdom by God. there are many famous incidents taken from the life of Solomon which highlights his wisdom and  how God was with him all the time.

There are many today in our time who are wasting both their time and their lives by failing to exercise wisdom in their daily lives.

This effort of mine has been made to make this wisdom interpreted in a simple way and made available to everyone, and with an aim to change the lives of the people who will be accessing these posts.

I pray my effort will be beneficial for many through these posts...

Praise the Lord...